180s strives to be the premier provider of wearable technology that is cool, comfortable and connected. Our products enhance your active outdoor lifestyle by bridging the gap between the technology you hold in your hand and the accessories and apparel you wear on your body. We bring innovative solutions that allow you to stay connected no matter where you are, what you are wearing or what the conditions are outside. Our unique products will cause you and those around you to do a “180” because of their unconventional design and air.

As an award winning consumer products company it’s within our DNA to strive to develop and disrupt the market. We are constantly innovating with our team to look beyond the current needs of today. We focus on new opportunities to engage real time content, media and excitement, while keeping the products easy to use and affordable.

180’s has been granted several patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for our innovative products to ensure they are always properly made and distributed by our company.

United States Patent Nos. 6,502,248, 6,735,784, and 6,920,645.


At 180s, we know just how important high-quality performance products are to an exceptional outdoor experience. That’s why 180s is committed to designing and developing products that push the boundaries of innovation. As a leading brand of innovative performance apparel and accessories, we are passionate about creating new heights and new limits so you can too. Whether you’re zipping down a mountainside in sub-zero temperatures, taking an early morning run, or walking home from work in the cold of winter, 180s offers a full line of innovative accessories and performance apparel to suit your diverse needs.

Since the launch of our original behind-the-head ear warmer in 1995, 180s continues to develop intelligent, stylish products that perform equally on the mountain as they do on the city streets. Our products are technologically innovative yet simple and easy to understand with distinction.

Staying true to our passion – 180s is committed to designing and developing products that push innovation boundaries. Our continuous focus on innovation and excellence has made us the brand of choice for consumers looking for functional performance accessories that are far from ordinary.